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Personal Injuries Infomercial

At Costanzo Lawyers, we want to talk to you about compensation for personal injuries, so where should we begin?

The beginning is always a good place to start and that would be the case of Donoghue v Stevenson [1932] UKHL 100, it is the foundational case in English tort law by the House of Lords. Briefly, the facts were that the Plaintiff, Mrs. Donoghue purchased a bottle of ginger beer in a Café. A dead snail was in the bottle. After [...]

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Binding Financial Agreements

Am I obliged to finalise property and financial matters between me and my ex on separation?

No, the Family Law Act 1975 (‘the Act’) does not place an obligation on you or your ex to formalise property and financial matters on separation. However, you must. Until you reach agreement on property and financial matters with your former partner and formalise it by way of a Binding Financial Agreement or ‘BFA’ or orders of the Court, because until such time as you [...]

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Family Violence

Family violence seems to be the trending subject in the Media, sadly for all the wrong reasons.

In 2008 the Family Violence Protection Act (‘the Act’) came into effect. The Act’s Preamble reads as follows:

“(a) that non-violence is a fundamental social value that must be promoted; (b) that family violence is a fundamental violation of human rights and is unacceptable in any form; (c) that family violence is not acceptable in any community or culture; (d) that, in responding to family [...]

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Costanzo Lawyers – Compensation Law Service

Costanzo Lawyers - Compensation Law Service

At Costanzo Lawyers, We CARE if you have been injured by another person. Regardless of whether you have been hurt at work, on the road or in any other situation, our skilled Personal Injury lawyers across our offices will advise you if you are entitled to compensation.

WE CARE because we strongly believe that you have the right to be safe. We know that life does not always work out like that, but you deserve better [...]

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