Personal Injury Law

PERSONAL INJURY LAW is usually broken up unto 3 distinct areas: WorkCover, TAC and Public Liability/Insurance matters.

At Costanzo Lawyers, we are a family run practice and we CARE if you or someone you know has been injured by another person and the effect it has on you and your family. Regardless of whether you have been hurt at work, on the road or in any other situation, our skilled personal injury lawyers Melbourne across our various offices will advice you if you are entitled to compensation to assist you to maximise your entitlement.

WE CARE because we strongly believe that you have the right to be safe on your journey to and from work and while at work. We know that life is not always fair, but you desrve better and we are determined to get you the best results for you and your family.


Anyone who has sufferred an injury should come to Costanzo Lawyers because we are a family run practice and we deal with you on a one-on-one level. We are a small firm and we treat our clients like real people and NOT merely as a number. Our lawyers will be with you, our clients, from the moment they answer the phone, right through to walking into Court with you.


It is very important that injured workers are aware of their legal rights and entitlements, Under the WorkCover legislation, there is a two-tiered system whebery workers are compensated:
1. The first is called the “no-fault” compensation scheme which includes the payment of Weekly Payments, Medical and Like Expenses and an Impairment Benefits Claim;
2. The second is known as a Common Law Claim. This is essentially a lump sum payment which is usually made up of damages for pain and sufferring and loss of earning capacity.

If an individual – for example a builder – gets injured on the worksite after livting a heavy bag and finds that he is unable to lift his arm above his shoulder, it is important the builder gets the correct legal advice as soon as possible.

We will help them get their claim on track, get them their entitltements to Weekly Payments and Medical and Like Expenses as soon as possible, and then investigate the potential for a bigger, lump sum payment down the track.


Psychological injuries are also covered under the Work Cover legislation. Psychological injuries can include injuries to workers as a result of stress, bullying and harassment in the workplace.

We often see clients who were previously really happy at work, and then over a period of time they are subjected to bullying by their manager or co-workers. Each day they get worse and worse. They go home depressed; they don’t want to go into work and they start to take time off. Here at Costanzo Lawyers, we care about getting compensation for people who are subjected to bullying at work.

We also see a number of clients who are subjected to stress at work. Clients who have excessive workloads, are under time constrations, or clients who work in places which are short-staffed. We can help investigate your rights to compensation for workers who have psychological injuries as a result of stresses at work.


1. Delay – injured workers wait for too long before getting legal advice;
2. When workers don’t delay, they are too hasty and fill out their claim form incorrectly; and
3. They chop and change their doctors and medical practitioners.

Here at Costanzo Lawyers, we make sure our clients avoid these 3 mistakes so that:

1. They come to see us straight away and get the correct legal advice;
2. We assist our clients in filling out their claim form correctly; and
3. We will make sure our clients are getting the right medical treatment from their practitioners.

Here at Costanzo Lawyers, we care about the rights of our injured workers. We’re a small family business and we shall care about you and your family. We ensure our clients feel looked after and as part of our extended family. So if you’ve been hurt at work, on the road or in any other situation, call us and we will look after you. For you and your family.